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Self Storage Units

Spacer matches people who have extra space to those who need it. We will help you find the cheapest storage unit on the market. We also insure up to ten thousand dollars value, via IAG. Many companies list their low price self storage units with us, including National Storage. Spacer helps you find Storage near your residence. So next time you think to ask Google about “storage units near me,” don’t overlook the extremely well priced Spacer options!

If you own some empty Self Storage space, why not list it on Spacer? We help you find customers interested in renting your space. The sharing economy is only starting its takeoff now. Take advantage of this service and list on Spacer. And remember, it’s free to list your space on Spacer!

Our Customers Share Their Experiences Using Spacer

“Best company ever!”

Sarah via Google+

“I needed some storage space while we were in between offices. Jumped on Spacer, found some space which was half the price of what normal storage companies charge in Alexandria! Great service!!”

Glen via Truelocal

“Great support staff and very responsive. Found someone to rent my space within a few weeks”

Colin via Google+

“Originally seen on TV about SPACER I thought that it was a great idea renting out unused space to someone in need. I was grateful to Christine and James for their helpful customer service. It was they that helped me with the listing and finding a renter.”

Viera via Google+

“Easy to use website which got my space rented out within a month or so. Recommended.”

Viera via Google+

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